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Doroshenko Vladimir

Vladimir Doroshenko (30 October 1879 – 25 August 1963) – Ukrainian bibliographer and literary critic.

Portrain of V. V. Doroshenko

Born in St. Petersburg in the family of a military doctor [Date of birth shows big differences: Oct 30, 1879 besides, appear as the date Oct 3, 1879 and Oct 3, 1876; it is also unknown whether the dates Gregorian or Julian]. In 1898 he graduated from the gymnasium in Priluki (now the Chernihiv region.), In 1898 – 1905 years studied at Moscow University.

He was a member of the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party, then – Ukrainian Social-Democratic Labour Party. From January 1907 until the spring of 1908 was under arrest for revolutionary activities; after release he emigrated to the Lviv, where involved in the work of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. In 1914 Doroshenko was one of the founders of the Union of liberation Ukraine; during the Russian occupation of Lviv he lived in Vienna.

Returning to Lviv, he became head of the Library Shevchenko Scientific Society. Fleeing from the Bolshevik invasion, in 1944, Doroshenko moved to Prague, and then – to Germany, where he remained in camps for displaced persons until 1949. In 1949 he moved to the US and settled in Philadelphia, where he died in 1963. He was buried on Ukrainian cemetery in Bound Brook.

As bibliographer Doroshenko began working in 1908, in bibliographic bureau Shevchenko Scientific Society (created for him). Forced to travel (in fact – flee), which were accompanied by losses accumulated materials, adversely reflected on his work. However, he managed to publish bibliographies of works of Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, O. Kobyljanska, P. Kulish. He also issued works on the history of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, Society "Enlightenment". A number of works he devoted to the creativity of Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, V. Stefanik.

Portrait of V. V. Doroshenko, which we present, taken from the book "Letters of Mykhailo Hrushevsky" (K.: 2001, vol. 2, p. 223).

Doroshenko and Hrushevsky

1. Distant acquaintance Hrushevsky with V. Doroshenko happened in 1899, when Doroshenko began to send his posts to "Literary and Scientific Gerald".

2. Personal acquaintance occurred in the summer of 1904, when V. Doroshenko arrived in Lviv on courses of Ukrainian studies, organized by M. S. Hrushevsky.

3. In 1908 V. Doroshenko, settled in Lviv, due to efforts Hrushevsky achieved permanent paid position of bibliographer Shevchenko Scientific Society. Preserved letters Doroshenko to Hrushevsky best to highlight this particular period of cooperation (until the beginning of the 1st World War).

4. V. Doroshenko did not forget the 50-year anniversary Hrushevsky and devoted its entire issue of "Bulletin of the Union of Liberation Ukraine" (1916, Number 3).

5. In 1926 – 1927 V. Doroshenko participated in the preparation of bibliography Hrushevsky’s works, which was prepared for the 60th anniversary of the scientist.

6. After the death Hrushevsky V. Doroshenko collected material about his life, published several articles on Hrushevsky .

M. Zh., 25 February 2017

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