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Mykhajlo Hrushevsky

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M.Hrushevsky's correspondence

In the scientific study of any figures of past a special place occupied by his epistolary heritage. Letters are of different nature: vast or concise, everyday or formal, business, sincere, frank or restrained, dry. But they all contain information that supplements the official historical sources, and supplements significantly. Letters also are historical documents of the era.

Introducing in the scientific use Grushevsky's letters enables significantly expand our understanding of this multifaceted figure. Epistolary rightfully considered part of the creative heritage of each figure of the past.

All texts submitted for autographs. The compilers did not make any notes or stylistic editing of autjor's text. Three points that occur in letters (preferably early), made by author. Basically saved original spelling. Save as inconsistent spelling of foreign names sometimes made by Hrushevskyi, like Ibsen – Ibzen, Jakubowski – Jakobovskyy. The names of periodicals in the original text written sometimes in quotes, and sometimes without quotes – these pecularities are preserved.

Author's abbreviations are disclosed in square brackets []. Unread words are indicated by three dots in the broken brackets <…>, poorly written words read are dubious, written in broken brackets < >.

Autor's dates are given in the same writing as they bear the letter. Editor's indication of the place and date of writing the letter assigned regardless of author's date presence to the left of the text.

Translations of foreign words and expressions are given in floating hints with indication (compiler). The reasons and various amendments made by the Hrushevsky, inserten in the text in square brackets: [M.Hryshevsky's note].

Author's signs not completed.

Note to every letter contains the following information: place and date of publication of the letter, the source in which a letter is printed in this edition, place and fund storage autograph; justified, if necessary, dating. Also provides real comment: the content of events referred to in the letter are bibliographic information about works cited, and more.

Galina Burlaka

From the introductory article for publication: M.Hrushevsky's correspondence. – K.: 1997, vol. 1, p. 16 – 24.

M.Hrushevsky's letters in chronological order